What Are The World’s Largest Aircraft Graveyards?

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Davis-Monthan Air Force base, the world’s largest military graveyard

Davis-Monthan, near Tucson, Arizona is home to the US military’s 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG). This is a major graveyard for US government and military aircraft, and it has an impressive collection.

Pinal Airpark, near Tuscon, Arizona, US

There are several boneyard sites in the deserts of California and Arizona used for commercial aircraft. Pinal Airpark in Arizona is the largest, with capacity for around 400 aircraft. Pinal is located close to Davis-Monthan and was a former army airbase.

Asia-Pacific Aircraft Storage, Alice Springs, Australia

This facility opened only in 2014. It is one of the largest outside the US and the only one in Asia-Pacific. The graveyard shares runways with Alice Springs airport, the largest of which can handle the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A380. It occupies a site of 110 acres.

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